Our Mission

LPCCD is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and facilitate the integration of arts and cultural amenities to advance local economic development, housing and neighborhood stability and active community engagement to support Lincoln Park’s transformation into a healthy, safe and vibrant destination for local and City residents.

Our Vision

Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District is an economically self-sustaining community that integrates its historic cultural assets, engaged residents, residential density and visitor appeal to become a destination for community residents, visitors and businesses.

Strategic Goals/Priorities

  • Activate the physical park through renovation and year round programming for residents and visitors
  • Develop seventy (70) units of new housing to accommodate the diverse socio-economic needs of the neighborhood
  • Strengthen community leadership and engagement to be share accountability in preserving and protecting the neighborhood
  • Foster a thriving retail corridor and merchants to circulate dollars within the community
  • Encourage and support the creation of cluster-based development to attract and support the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses in similar and/or complementary industries to promote job creation, business formation and economic growth.

Help Us Build The Future

As the full extent of the ecological and cultural destruction wrought by an economic system that values the pursuit of profit and endless growth over the welfare of humans and the biosphere becomes clear, we believe that people are more ready than ever to usher in something radically different. More and more of us are reconnecting to our hearts, to our communities, and to the earth, and committing to building a future that works for all.